Steel structures

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The company specializes in constructing a steel skeleton structure secured with certified primers and topcoats, as well as delivery and assembly of the structure. At the investor's request, we use hot dip galvanizing and fireproof coatings. We implement such facilities as:
  •     warehouse, production, industrial and logistics halls,
  •     girder crane beams,
  •     public facilities (e.g. interchange center)
  •     sheds and garages,
  •     car showrooms,
  •     entresols, platforms, stairs, ladders and handrails,

We have our own means of transport consisting of trucks, sets for transporting oversized steel structures. Shipping items are secured in an appropriate way, limiting damage during transit,

Production facility
It is equipped with a number of upgrades supporting welding processes and enabling maintaining a high level of quality, including:
  •     ramp cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 tons,
  •     welding equipment,
  •     filtration and ventilation systems,
  •     steel processing equipment,
  •     ventilation and heating system in the paint shop,

Modern painting hall, which is supported by a ventilation and heating system, thanks to which we are able to quickly protect steel structures with an anti-corrosive coating hydrodynamically applied to a state enabling quick export of structures to the construction site. In addition, we have certification for applying fire protective coatings with standard and two-component paint with accelerating effect of setting and drying of the coating.

Qualified team
Our specialists have the appropriate qualifications and experience to perform and control welding works and carry out non-destructive NDT tests at our plant. We include:

  •     IWE Chief Welder (according to PN-EN ISO 14731)
  •     Head of the Factory Production Control
  •     Welders, operators of welding and production support equipment
  •     Quality control: VT2, PT2, MT2, UT2

To be able to meet the standard production and welding requirements, we have the certification of the following standards:

  •     PN-EN 1090-1 + A1: 2012 Factory Production Control for class EXC3
Execution of steel and aluminum structures - Part 1: Rules for assessing the conformity of structural elements
  •     PN EN ISO 3834-2: 2007 Quality system in welding
Quality requirements for welding metallic materials - Part 2: Full quality requirements


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