Plate girders

Euros is pleased to offer its customers the production of automated plate girders along with arming and closing the anti-corrosive coating or only pig iron for further arming on the part of the Employer.

What are plate girders

Plate girders have a characteristic structure, type of materials used and method of manufacture. They consist of pieces of sheet metal welded together. The production of plate girders has become more widespread thanks to the development of computer programs, mechanization and production automation as well as technology related to the element shaping process.


Prefabrication of plate girders without the use of appropriate instruments is cumbersome and labor-intensive, in addition welding hazards and dimensional inaccuracies are a manufacturing risk.
EXAMPLE of a manually folded plate girder.

Automation of the process

Therefore, we come up with a proposal for making girders on our welding line, which has integrated guide rollers before welding and straightening rolls just after the welding process, thanks to which we achieve straightness of welded plate girders without additional thermal straightening processes, and we can also get the deflection arrow, which is commonly used for bridge structures.


The technology is based on modern inverter sources with the possibility of welding with direct and alternating current with a high melting and remelting factor. Continuous welds are made under the flux cover in the lateral and lateral position.

Welding line parameters

The web
Height 200 - 2,000 mm (including straps)
Thickness 4 - 25 mm
The belts
Width 150 - 1,000 mm
Thickness 6 - 50 mm
Maximum beam weight 1000 kg / m
Maximum beam length 15,000 mm (longer should be considered individually)
Welding source
Welding speed 0.15 - 2.1 m / m
Maximum current 1000 A

Welding line capabilities

- symmetrical / asymmetrical tees and I-beams
- oblique (tapered)
- box
- cross
- hybrid - plate girders with variable web thickness / height and
variable width / thickness of the outer straps


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